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Participants of the project

Principal contractors:

Brief description of the partners


  • Department of Manufacturing Engineering: industrial and service robots, robot hands/grippers, IT for manufacturing, VR)
  • Department of Applied Mechanics: applied biomechanics in sports, various aspects of control (hybrid force/position, vibration)


  • Manufacturing Engineering Centre: robotics, control, machine learning, intelligent knowledge-based systems, VR, modelling and simulation, intelligent sensors and SCADA systems, mobile robots: bipeds and hexapods, advanced anthropomorphic gripper

NIMR (central rehabilitation centre of Hungary with 350 beds):

  • Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit: hemiplegia, stroke, physiotherapy, occupational therapy (,amputations, septic arthritis, osteomyelitis). It has its own Orthopedic Workshop.


  • Department of Kynesitherapy: anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, manual therapy, reflexotherapy, physiotherapy, prosthetic replacement.


  • measuring instruments in the field of biomechanics for pressure distribution, 3D motion analysis, and EMG, software engineering

Project expansion

  • In order to widen the commercialisation path of REHAROB, the manufacturer of the purchased robots will be subcontracted in the 6th project month in value of 100 kEuro.
  • For this reason a preference will be given a large scale robot manufacturer.
  • Design and installation of the REHAROB cell as well as the development of the control algorithm can be more efficient if the manufacturer of the selected robot is “in-house”.
  • Main contribution of this partner will however be the reinforced exploitation potential of the consortium.