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Del. no.Deliverable nameDel. typeSecurity*
1Intra Consortium AgreementOtherInternal
2Project PresentationReportPublic
Periodic Report Jan-Mar 2000
3List of selection criteria and specification of the selected industrial robot.ReportPublic
4Dissemination and Use PlanReportFP5
5Quality Assurance PlanReportFP5
Periodic Progress Report Jan-June 2000
Cost Statements Jan-June 2000
6Scalable virtual reality model of the upper limb for the visualisation of various neuro-motor impairmentsDemonstratorPublic
Periodic Report July-Sept 2000
7Analysis of the upper limb motion, impairments, and the motion therapies used and improvements proposed for the impairment rehabilitationReportPublic
8Database of upper limb 3D motion recordsOtherInternal
Periodic Report Oct-Dec 2000
Periodic Report Jan-Mar 2001
Periodic Progress Report July 2000-June 2001
Cost Statements July 2000-June 2001
9D9 Part 1: Design and development of an artificial (dummy) limb ReportPublic
9D9 Part 2: Technical documentation of the non-commercial part of the 3D motion therapy monitoring system
Design and development of an artificial (dummy) limb
10Video demonstration of the 3D motion therapy monitoring systemDemonstratorPublic
Periodic Report July-Sept 2001
Periodic Report Oct-Dec 2001
Periodic Report Jan-March 2002
11Methods and equipment for an improved upper limb motion therapy including the application package for submission to the Ethics CommitteeReportRestricted1
12Virtual motion therapistPrototypePublic
Periodic Progress Report July 2001-June 2002
Cost Statements July 2001-June 2002ReportInternal
13Business Plan
14Video demonstration of the REHAROB cellDemonstratorPublic
Periodic Report July-Sept 2002
15Assessment and evaluation of the REHAROB cell for motion therapiesReportPublic
16Specification of the industrial robot adapted to the REHAROB cellReportRestricted
17REHAROB course book for physiotherapistsReportPublic
Final Report (annex II.4.1.a.iii)
Edited Final Report (annex II.4.1.a.iv)
Technology Implementation Plan (annex II.4.1.a.v)
Periodic Progress Report July 2002-Dec 2002
Final Cost Statement

*Int. Internal circulation within project (and Commission Project Officer if requested)
Rest. Restricted circulation list (specify in footnote) and Commission PO only
FP5 Circulation within Framework Programme participants -> Please contact REHAROB
Pub. Public document