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Deliverable 10

Deliverable videos:

(Click on the pictures to see the video!)

WinReharob hardware (143MB)

Setup of the motion analyzer (57MB)

Database of WinReharob (300KB)

Fixing of the markers (39MB)

Selection of test (11MB)

Aiming measurement (37MB)

Replay function of WinReharob (25MB)

Report function of WinReharob (14MB)

Printout of report (15MB)

Database armmodel (25MB)

Putting on the orthoses (10MB)

Recording hypothetical markers in armmodel (6MB)

Biomechanical measurement of upper limb exercises (5MB)

On-line visualisation of measurements (2.8MB)

Patient assessment with 3D motion measurement (930KB)

Replay of test zoom (26MB)