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Objectives of the REHAROB project

O1: to identify limitations of human assisted upper limb motion therapy in neuro-rehabilitation and propose advanced resolutions to overcome limitations

O2: to develop new, improved, and intelligent upper limb therapy for the disabled with neuro-motor impairments

  • Hypothesis 1: improvement by anti-spastic patterns
  • Hypothesis 2: increased repetition cuts therapy cost and duration
  • Hypothesis 3: REHAROB can be commercialised

O2a: to propose, develop, and assess improved physiotherapy methods for the neuro-rehabilitation of the upper arm

O2b: to apply and develop advanced and intelligent techniques for the motion analysis

O2c: to develop advanced robotic trajectory planning methods and robot control techniques for the motion therapy of the upper arm

O3: to design, build, and clinically test a robotic rehabilitation station, called REHAROB for the improved motion physiotherapy of the upper arm

O4: to promote the acceptance of REHAROB for the improved motion therapy of the upper arm